Thanks to the generosity of donors, individuals, corporations and foundations, Meeting Street Academy is pleased to offer generous tuition assistance to help families with demonstrated financial need afford an MSA education. Families who qualify for Free or Reduced Rate Lunch are not required to apply for tuition assistance. They are only required to provide the school with a copy of their current tax return and pay the tuition fee listed on the Tuition and Fees page and the extended day fee of $200 per year.

For families who do not qualify for Free or Reduced Rate Lunch, determination of need is assessed by an outside firm, Independent School Management’s Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST). To apply for tuition assistance, complete the FAST online application (click on the appropriate link to the left). FAST determines what, if any, student need is established and returns a confidential report to MSA. Our Tuition Assistance Committee uses the report to guide them in offering tuition assistance. Once an award is made, families can typically count on a similar award in future years, provided there is no change in financial circumstances. MSA’s commitment to providing an excellent education to all students includes financial assistance awards covering 100% of demonstrated need.

What is the timeline for applying for tuition assistance?

Because the FAST application requires your most recent tax return, your FAST application should be submitted no later than the date specified to you by the Director. For new families needing a tuition assistance response prior to 2013 tax information being available, provisional awards based on 2012 tax information may be available.

Families are notified of their tuition assistance award decision within two weeks of a complete FAST application (including 2015 tax returns).

Who is eligible for tuition assistance?

New students in grades PK3 – 5th who show a demonstrated financial need as determined by FAST are eligible to receive a tuition assistance award.

Is the award renewable?

Yes, although the family must apply each year to receive a continuing award. Assuming no significant changes in financial circumstances, a family can expect that the amount of tuition assistance will remain consistent for the time the student is enrolled at MSA.

How can I know if my income will qualify for tuition assistance?

Because the FAST calculation of a family’s financial need is a very individualized assessment based on a variety of factors (income, number of children applying to MSA, business gains/losses, etc), we encourage all families for whom affordability is a concern to complete the FAST application.

Is my child’s admission decision linked to my request for tuition assistance?

No. The admissions process is intentionally separate and administered independent of the tuition assistance award process. However, a student must be accepted for admission to be eligible to receive a tuition assistance award.

Who sees my financial information?

The confidentiality of your financial information is maintained at all times, and only the Administrative Office staff members responsible for tuition assistance awards have access to the FAST reports.