Our Extended Day program is about helping each student find his or her passion. We offer students the opportunity to practice a musical instrument, play a sport, learn dance, and more! Our optional Extended Day Program costs approximately $300 per year in addition to the regular tuition. To pay for Extended Day click here.

Watoto Academy of the Performing Arts

Watoto uses African and African American music, songs, dance, stage performance styles, literature and American history as the foundation for its curriculum. The program is youth-centered, research-based, community-centered and culturally-centered. Students are involved in all aspects of performance planning and practice, which results in invaluable hands-on learning.

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Extended Day Passion Projects


Ms. Patterson is an alumna of School of the Arts with a focus in theater and shares her passion for acting with our students. She teaches our students how to craft monologues, develop improvisation techniques, and how to project their voices for an audience.


In the Athletics Department, our coaches offer a variety of team sports such as flag football, soccer, rugby, basketball, and lacrosse. Our 2nd – 5th grade students play basketball and lacrosse on competitive teams with the City of Charleston Recreation League. Team sports give students an opportunity to develop gross motor skills, teamwork, grit, and sportsmanship.

Ballet & Yoga

Community volunteers, Ms. Ashley and Ms. Rebecca, teach weekly classes of ballet and yoga to our students in PreK, Kindergarten, and First grade. These students learn mindfulness techniques like deep breathing and power poses, as well as beginner ballet positions.


Ms. Calkins shares her passion for pottery and creativity in ceramics class. This semester, students have created animal sculptures from clay. This class provides an opportunity for students to receive feedback on their work and grow in their artistic potential.

Construction & Carpentry

Coach R shares his passion for building with our students in Construction Club. Our students learn how to use numerous tools and work on different building and repair projects around the school. They also established craftsmanship skills in building birdhouses to display in the school flower beds.

Girl Scouts

Ms. Calkins and Mrs. Krista began our very Girl Scout troop #348 three years ago. Our 2nd-5th grade girls have had the opportunity to earns badges in community service and teambuilding. Look out for our annual Girl Scout cookie sale this spring!

Project Green Heart

The Project Green Heart builds garden-based experiential learning projects and school garden programs to educate students, connect people, and cultivate community through growing, eating, and celebrating food. Green Heart is an extra opportunity for our scholars to ask questions about the food they eat, how to cook food they may not think is easy to cook, and be curious about our Earth in general.


Ms. Kayleigh and Ms. Krista lead our competitive Robotics team of 4th and 5th graders. This year the Robotics Team collaborated on a project centered around the world’s water crisis by researching different organizations that commit to serving people in need of clean water. The team works together to present their project and program the robot to complete a mission.


Mr. Vickers in an alumnus of School of the Arts visual arts program. He teaches drawing skills in mediums of pencil, charcoal, and color pencils. Students create art work on still life, negative space, portraits, and point perspective in their own personal sketching books. This class provides an opportunity for students to receive feedback on their work and grow in their artistic potential.


Our students have the opportunity to learn to play the violin as young as 7 years-old thanks to our unique partnership with Ashley Hall. Multiple performances give our students the chance to share new violin skills.


Watoto is an Afro-centric performing arts program that teaches literary styles, including blues, jazz, gospel, Negro spiritual, contemporary Afro-centric movement and Black poetic composition and expression.

In the Watoto Charleston Performance Ensemble, our students take their performances on the road, performing all across Charleston and the Southeast.